Safety Checking

Safety Checking

As a District Health Board, Southern DHB is responsible for ensuring all individuals who are ‘employed’ or ‘engaged' as Children's Workers must be safety checked prior to commencing with Southern DHB, and then periodically every three years after as long as they continue employment or engagement with Southern DHB. 


Under the Vulnerable Children Act, the requirements of these Safety Checks include: 

  a. Gathering information about an individual through


b. Evaluating that information to make a decision about whether the individual is suitable to work as a children’s worker.


Should an individual not return a satisfactory Safety Check (as per the Act) they will not be able to commence employment or engagement with Southern DHB. 


Southern DHB requirements



All organisations who supply Children's Workers must undertake their own Safety Checking process.  This includes a Police Vet through the NZ Police Vetting System) for each individual. 

Southern DHB will require a completed Safety Checking confirmation form prior to an individual from the organisation commencing at the DHB.  



Individuals engaged by Southern DHB under a Contract for Service (including Locum Doctors) cannot undertake their own Safety Checking process.

Southern DHB will accept Safety Checks undertaken by either 

  • Another DHB (if completed within the last 3 years and on offical DHB letterhead)
  • CVCheck 

If an individual cannot provide either of these Safety Checks, Southern DHB will undertake the Safety Checking process.  The Southern DHB manager responsible for the contract will manage this process.