Plan to be well this spring

Plan to be well this spring



Feeling Unwell?

  • If you’re unwell, look after yourself. Make it harder for bugs to move around by staying at home. Wash your hands, rest, drink fluids, and give your body a fighting chance to recover.

  • You can seek advice from your community pharmacist.

  • Call Healthline for advice 0800 611 116.

  • If you’re getting worse, see your GP or After Hours doctor.

  • Don’t wait until your symptoms are an emergency.

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Emergency Mental Health Services or Call 0800 467 846

Hospital Emergency - 
If it's a life threatening emergency call 111



Plan Your Health

Do you have a long-term health condition such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease or respiratory illness?

  • Don’t leave it to chance. Make an appointment with your general practice and plan for how you’ll stay well this winter.

  • Discuss what you can do to prevent your condition worsening.

  • Learn the warning signs for when your condition is getting worse, and what to do.

  • Agree when you should seek more help from your general practice.

  • Have you had your flu jab? It might be free, ask your general practice.

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Plan Your Home

  • Damp air in your home is harder to heat, and to breathe.

  • Make your home healthier by drying your washing outside, drying windows every morning, and airing your house when possible. Opening windows for 3-5 minutes in the warmest part of the day in winter (unless it’s raining) is enough.

  • Simple things like extractor fans and opening a window while you are showering, or using pot lids to contain steam while you’re cooking can make a difference.

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