Vulnerable Children Act

Vulnerable Children Act

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 came into effect on 1 July 2015 and impacts individuals who have contact with children and young people (incl. electronic and via phone) within the health, education and social services environments.  


The intent of the Act is to ensure that our children and young people are better protected from abuse and neglect, and the Act has introduced a number of key measures to support this.


Southern District Health Board have specific requirements as both a provider and funder of health services under this Act.  


Read more about the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 and the Vulnerable Children Act Regulations 2015


Children's Worker List 

Southern DHB have developed a list of roles that we have classifed as Children's Workers.  All individuals whom we employ or engage in these roles must be Safety checked prior to commencing with / at the DHB. 


To view the Southern DHB Children's Worker list click here.


Are you impacted by the Vulnerable Children Act?


Is your role on the Children's Worker list?


Yes?  Please view the matrix below which will outline what is required of you. 


Safety Check

Child Protection Policy

Employee (Permanent, fixed term or casual)

Completed as per the DHB Safety Checking policy and procedures.  

Covered under the DHB Child Protection Policy

Contractor working for or at the DHB – Individual



Organisation that provides clinical or direct patient services at or for the DHB



Organisations that provide labour that work around patients and clinical areas at or for the DHB



Contract where individual / organisation receives funding from the DHB

Yes as required under the Act. DHB will audit compliance