Plan To Be Well this Winter

Plan To Be Well this Winter


Winter – it’s that time of year that suits illnesses down to the ground. Just as you would stock up on firewood at the start of winter, there are also things you can do to plan ahead to help keep yourself and your family well. 

In many cases, some preventive measures, or seeking care earlier, can mean avoiding a much more serious illness.



Feeling Unwell?

  • If you’re unwell, look after yourself. Make it harder for bugs to move around by staying at home. Wash your hands, rest, drink fluids, and give your body a fighting chance to recover.

  • You can seek advice from your community pharmacist.

  • Call Healthline for advice 0800 611 116.

  • If you’re getting worse, see your GP or After Hours doctor.

  • Don’t wait until your symptoms are an emergency.

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Emergency Mental Health Services or Call 0800 467 846

Hospital Emergency - 
If it's a life threatening emergency call 111



Plan Your Health

Do you have a long-term health condition such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease or respiratory illness?

  • Don’t leave it to chance. Make an appointment with your general practice and plan for how you’ll stay well this winter.

  • Discuss what you can do to prevent your condition worsening.

  • Learn the warning signs for when your condition is getting worse, and what to do.

  • Agree when you should seek more help from your general practice.

  • Have you had your flu jab? It might be free, ask your general practice.

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Plan Your Home

  • Damp air in your home is harder to heat, and to breathe.

  • Make your home healthier by drying your washing outside, drying windows every morning, and airing your house when possible. Opening windows for 3-5 minutes in the warmest part of the day in winter (unless it’s raining) is enough.

  • Simple things like extractor fans and opening a window while you are showering, or using pot lids to contain steam while you’re cooking can make a difference.

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